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“Since training with Liz I have seen a marked improvement both in my own ability to train my dog as well as my dog's overall obedience. Liz is able to understand the drivers and needs of each individual dog and therefore how each handler needs to work. It's excellent fun and very rewarding to see your dog grow and learn under the guiding eye of a skilled and professional trainer! ."  ​

"Her expertise,knowledge and patience is second to none. What Liz knows about dogs and training is very impressive and would highly recommend her for all dog training and behaviour issues"

"I can highly recommend Liz for dog training- we had a very lively husky and as a family with Liz we managed to tame her quite a lot! Very patient lady who knows her stuff!!"

“Liz has given me absolutely amazing support with my gorgeous but somewhat challenging GSD, Kizzy, and I couldn't recommend her more highly, whether you are struggling with a specific issue or just want something to keep your dog's brain occupied and to have a bit of fun. Liz appreciates that all dogs are individual and it is very much a team effort. I never thought that I would look forward to dog training classes but I do, as does Kiz!"



"I would thoroughly recommend Liz as a dog trainer; her calm and patient manner enables you to get the very best from your dog. Under Liz's training my poodle Walter has developed into a super little dog and for this, I can't thank her enough"



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